Sandy Jasper’s Art

A little about me…

Thank you for checking out my web page! Here you will find links to my art, writing, music, and my penny whistles.

MUSIC: I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember. I was born into a musical/theatrical family. My mother played piano, banjo, accordion and the spoons, and dabbled with a gazillion other instruments. She had her own theatre groups both in Canada and the UK, was a writer, painter, and mountain climber. My grandmothers were both accomplished pianists, my grandfather and brother were drummers. Quite a family to live up to!

I play the piano, sax, penny whistle, flute, bagpipes, accordion, guitar, and I sing. My husband Steve Tozer is a singer and plays the bass and guitar. We have a band called “Elf Song” and have played in Celtic, Irish, R&B, 50’s rock, & Rock & Roll bands, as well as touring with Will Millar (Former leader of the Irish Rovers) for nearly 2 decades. Currently, we are focusing our energies in playing and recording our original music. If interested, please check out our album “Moonspell” on Itunes. Or catch one of our performances on YouTube.

WRITING: Penny Whistle music books: Available at Elf Song Whistles. Fiction Novels: Represented by Laura Bradford of the Bradford Literary Agency. (Keep watching, for more information.)

PENNY WHISTLES: I designed my own line of penny whistles: “Elf Song Whistles”. We were the first company in the world (and the only to mass produce) penny whistles with bagpipe fingering. For more information, please click on the link! Elf Song Whistles.

ART: Please check out my Celtic Knot animals, dot mandalas and my acrylic paintings. To purchase individual prints/merchandise, check out my collections available on: FINE ART AMERICA. For commissions or licencing, please feel free to drop me an EMAIL.