Island Life, getting out of “Dodge”

For years our dreams were focused around moving to “Protection Island”, a small community off of Nanaimo. It was next to New Castle Island, where our family loved to camp, had city water, sewage, electricity, a small passenger ferry, a floating pub, and the road names were pirate themed, what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, we listed our house 2 weeks after the American market crashed, and real estate sales in our area suddenly came to a standstill. Every few years we re-listed, but nothing. No bites, no leads.

And then it happened. Around 2016, houses began to sell, and fast! Suddenly, everything around us was being bought up, and fearful of missing out again, we decided to list ours one more time. Unfortunately, over the past 2 years, each of our adult children came home, and most were still there. With them came kids, pregnancies, cats, and extra furniture. THE INN WAS FULL!

We decided to wait one year and list in 2017, hoping to help re-launch the kids, renovate the house, put in a new bathroom (why not?) and find our dream house during our spare time.

While we had spent many years dreaming of living on Protection island, but the prices were increasing, and there were less and less houses for sale, so we decided to expand our scope, and see what else was out there. After a few weeks of looking, we fell in love with a half acre ocean front property on a tiny little gulf island.

Now to sell the house.

Over the next year, our house was invaded by rats, our son (bless him) moved from the big city bringing cockroaches with him hidden in his TV – and we had to have our house sprayed, our basement flooded and the neighbor’s water pipe burst in our yard. Three times. At our peak, we had 12 people, 6 cats, and 3 dogs living in a house with just one bathroom.

I decided to thin out our belongings, pack as much as I could, paint any rooms the kids abandoned, while the hubby rebuilt the living room, and added an ensuite in the master bedroom. At the same time, I wrote and edited a book, found a literary agent, ran an international business, visited a parent with dementia in care, helped look after grandchildren, and painted, while the hubby held down a full time job. To say we were exhausted would be an understatement, but we had a dream, and we were determined to make it happen!

One by one, each family relocated, and with 2 weeks to go before the house went on the market, the last child moved out.

Twenty-one days later, our house sold.
We were given a closing date of Dec. 28. 2017.
It was November.
After 18 years in the same house, we had just 6 weeks to buy a house, pack up everything we owned, figure out how to move it to an island with no ferry, do Christmas, and oh ya, my hubby was about to retire. On Dec. 27th, so I basically had to do it all myself.

Did I mention my book? My agent sent me the final checklist, and I was supposed to do that too.

Next: How we bought a house, set up a move, lost a cat, dealt with a flood, weathered a snowstorm, and moved house, all in just 8 days.

  • Good bye beautiful old house!

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